Coming Soon!

Role: Farrah (Lead)

Written and Directed by

David Bates

Tyrant Pictures 

in Association with Quarterstone Films and Emerald Star Productions

In this adventurous new comedy anthology, five regular couples find themselves up against the most insurmountable of odds. Will true love survive? And what will be left of it? 

Role: Heather (Principal)

Written and Directed by

Darryl Merpaw

NFG Film Produktion

More Than One

3 Friends get closer than any of them ever anticipated.

A  love story about self exploration , desire and discovering that the heart doesn't have a finite amount of love to give.

Role: Dana (Supporting)

Written and Directed by

Jim Purdy

Jim Purdy Productions

After cutting their budget for the local police force, the small town of Calmar lends itself to a night of terror at the hands of a deranged madman hellbent on bloody vengeance.

Role: Audrey Campbell  (Supporting)

as Andressa Ester

Written by Pressly Parrish

and Directed by

Lee Conrad

Celtic Raines Productions

My Don Quixote is a modern take of Miguel de Cervantes story about delusional man trying to connect with a woman hidden behind the curtain of social media.

Role: Andressa (Principal)

as Andressa Ester

Written and Directed by

Thomas Kampioni

Frankie Fibonacci Propaganda Minister

It Really Opened My Eyes

An Educational film about coping with loss  and dealing with the consequences of our decisions.

Role: Angie  (Principal)

as Andressa Ester

Written and Directed by

Bill Roberts

Celtic Raines Productions

When a husband and wife are evicted from their apartment, they find a new means of survival. Henry comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant plan! His wife Charlene goes along with him on a ride that requires guts and the instinct for survival.

Role: Pretty Escape Artist  (Principal)

as Andressa Ester

Written and Directed by

Dianne Dennis

Brown eyed Angel Productions

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